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Jodhpur has always been at its best when it comes to serving its guest from homeland and the guests from all across the globe.

At 'Kishore Baugh Palace', we have managed to retain the heritage soul and the royal insignia of the land in form of a stately home.
We are always prepared for welcoming our guests with our hospitable heritage culture and our nobility at our heritage home.

Though the residence of the then Maharaj Kishore Singh Ji, was built around 156 year ago, it has all the requisite amenities that our guests need. The heritage home has been tweaked a little to meet with all the needs of our contemporary guests.  Comfort of our guests ranks the top in our list of priorities. Irrespective of the minor modern tweaks, the heritage home retains the same old immaculate glory of the regal era that turns out to be really inquisitive for our guests from all across the globe.

Two of the rooms at Kishore Bagh Palace, in which once resided one of the royal families, offer all that a tourist has ever longed for. A kingly feels in the land dominated by its heritage culture.

Our guests are expected to be all set to experience the authenticity of the real culture at Kishore Baugh Palace. Book your priceless memories now.

'Padharo Saa'

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