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The glorious city of Jodhpur, often known as the Sun City, has a lot to offer to those who crave for exploration. A tour to the Sun City enlightens the visitors about the intriguing heritage of the 'Rathore Clan' of Rajputs. The land flaunts the afterglow of a splendid era in the form of its culture, and the residences of the Maharajahs that hold fast the enduring glory.

We welcome our global guests at a heritage edifice that has stood tall for over a century, now. The erstwhile residence of Maharaj Kishore Singh Ji, the then Commander-in-Chief of the State Forces, is now a heritage home named after the mighty Maharaj himself - 'Kishore Bagh Palace'.

At Kishore Bagh Palace, our guests live in an aura dominated by nobility. They enjoy the regal ambience, royal food, huge rooms, old furniture, yet modern facilities. The rooms have been carefully renovated in such a fashion that their structural authenticity remains unaltered, yet our modern guests get an easy access to all the requisite amenities.

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